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        30 AUGUST 2018


  • Icon Section Widget - new option to hide the description


  • ECommerce - Customers can reply to store emails now
  • Logout button is now in the Account Settings


  • Containers - fixed bug preventing background videos from playing
  • Store Widget - fixed bug with missing items when displaying the latest products
  • Headers - fixed multiple glitches and minor usability improvements

        06 AUGUST 2018


  • Global Styling Settings - you can now edit the colors, fonts, and sizes of all your content from a single place
  • New widget and column margins - it's now easier to create spaces between elements
  • Padding for columns - you can now add horizontal padding to columns
  • Widget dimensions - exact widget and column sizes are now visible when resizing
  • Bottom padding in containers - you can now add padding to the bottom of a container (no need to use spacer widgets anymore)


  • Hidden fields in forms are now passed as URL parameters to the "Thank You" page on submit
  • Updated translations


  • Fixed multiple bugs with the mega menu

        18 JULY 2018


  • New integration with GetResponse. Contacts from forms / member registrations / store can be sent to a specific GetResponse campaign
  • New integration with ActiveCampaign. Create contacts in ActiveCampaign from forms / member registrations / store customers


  • Improvements in the process of adding/editing links in texts/buttons/widgets.
  • Updated translations; other minor bug fixes and UI improvements


  • Fixed issues with member's settings not being saved
  • Fixed issues with the mobile menu not always closing when used with anchor points

        14 JULY 2018


  • ECOMMERCE - Paystack (paystack.com) is now supported payment processor in the Store


  • Other general UI improvements


  • Resolved issues with the fixed header mispositioning in the editor area
  • Resolved issues with overlapping controls when in the "mobile view"

        08 JULY 2018


  • HEADERS - We've completely redesigned the way headers are built giving you the ability to freely change the header layout
  • 10 new header widgets. You can now add Logo, Menu, Icon, Cart, Member Profile, Icon, Button, Code, Separator, Text and Social Media widgets anywhere in your header
  • ECOMMERCE - PayU Latam is now supported as a payment processor.


  • Option to show/hide the header per page
  • Ability to freely change the fixed header


  • Background videos not always working
  • Switching between websites in the same account not always working
  • Changing system domains sometimes doesn't work
  • Date format not applying in Dashboard -> Messages
  • Blog - Date format not applying in recent blog posts
  • Blog - Scheduled posts showing in recent posts
  • Countdown not always redirecting to the target page

        08 MAY 2018

  • NEW New image optimization library is now live!
  • Forms - Added the ability to attach files
  • Store - Added image ratios to fix uneven product image dimensions

        01 MAY 2018

  • Membership Sites - 5 new templates have been added

        20 APRIL 2018

  • Store - introduced ability to sell memberships
  • Store - improved member registration on cart checkout and forced member login/registration when selling membership
  • Store - added ability to set custom "thank you" pages for store products
  • Store - fixed bug with wrong sorting by price in some stores
  • Added the ability to add to cart (or "buy now") store products on click on a button/image/link.
  • Improved store emails.
  • Members - big improvements and better UI flow
  • Member Groups - ability to set a page to redirect members to after login
  • Member password reset - extended the expiration time of password reset links to 24 hours (was 1 hour previously).
  • Added the ability to clone popups.
  • Applications - added native Facebook pixel support - when enabled, following events are tracked automatically: Page View, View Content, Add To Cart, Initiate Checkout, Add Payment Info, Purchase, Complete Registration
  • Improved contributor experience when access to the builder is restricted.
  • Updated translations.
  • Multiple bug fixes and UI improvements.

        31 MARCH 2018

  • Store - mobilPay payment gateway now supported for Romanian customers. mobilPay enables you to receive payments in Romania with credit/debit cards or SMS
  • Store - iDEAL payments through Stripe now supported for customers in the Netherlands
  • Hebrew language available for client sites and as system language Improved translations
  • Minor bug fixes and UI improvements

        26 MARCH 2018

  • Introduced Countdown Widget
  • Added ability to set social sharing image per page
  • Indian Rupee (INR) now available as PayPal currency
  • 301 redirects pass query parameters now
  • Updated translations
  • Minor bug fixes

        20 MARCH 2018

  • Builder - Introduced page templates - you can now use one of the predefined professionally designed page templates to quickly add new already-made pages to your website.
  • Many smaller bug fixes, UI improvements and updates on the translations

        13 MARCH 2018

  • Builder - We've introduced the ability to make mobile or tablet-only changes. You can hide containers for mobile phones or tablets, or have widgets showing only on phones / tablets. Adding a widget on the phone / tablet view will make it visible only in the mobile views and not on desktop.
  • Updates to achieve full customization are coming soon.
  • Website members - deleting website member will log him out immediately
  • Website members - changing member groups will take effect immediately (no need for the user to logout and login again to access new content)
  • Minor bug fixes

        08 MARCH 2018

  • Form / Subscribe widgets - ability to send notifications to multiple emails
  • Store - ability to add additional fields to the store products, i.e. ask for engraving, message or any custom input when selecting store product
  • Store - product pricing does not include hidden exhausted / unavailable variations
  • Store - selected country in store settings is the default delivery country now Updated translations
  • Minor bug fixes and UI improvements

        01 MARCH 2018

  • You can now clone websites from your Dashboard
  • Blog - you can now duplicate blog posts
  • Blog - LinkedIn added to share buttons
  • Store - added option to hide exhausted / unavailable variations from the front-end
  • Fixed bug with the color-picker sometimes showing wrong color
  • Other minor enhancements

        25 FEBRUARY 2018

  • Chinese language supported for client websites + general languages update
  • Blog - integrated Disqus comments
  • Ability to add custom code to the <body> (from Custom Code -> Custom Body Markup)
  • A few other minor enhancements and small bugs crushed

        19 FEBRUARY 2018

  • Colors - alpha-transparency is now supported everywhere when picking colors
  • Containers - ability to add color overlay over the background image / video.
  • Columns - ability to add background overlay to each column Button widget - ability to change the font of the buttons
  • Columns - ability to set vertical margin (positive or negative) for each column
  • ECommerce - Braintree - ability to set merchant account id (you can now charge customers with a non-default merchant account id)
  • Replying to form messages will now reply to the email in the message.
  • Mailchimp - ability to set merge fields for each form
  • File Manager - you can now copy the URL of the files Short youtube links (youtu.be) are now supported for video backgrounds
  • Simplified third-party domains connection
  • Ability to change the date format displayed on the website (on blog posts, date pickers in forms, etc)
  • Updated translations
  • Updates on the image processing / thumbnail generation and preparations for better image compression Increased the recommended length hint of the SEO descriptions
  • Fixed bug with non-latin languages not displaying correctly in the admin panel
  • Many minor tweaks and bug fixes
  • Added 8 new templates

        29 JANUARY 2018

  • Added ability to hide page footer per page
  • Blog - added RSS feed (automatically generated, available under domain.com/feed)
  • Blog - ability to change post date
  • Blog - ability to schedule posts (just set the post date in the future)
  • Fixed minor bug in the Mailchimp integration
  • Polish language available for client websites Portuguese(BR) and Portuguese(PT) now available as system languages
  • Minor UI improvements

        25 JANUARY 2018

  • E-Commerce - Added Afterpay as payment processor
  • Added ability to move pages in different page groups
  • Updating page title won't change it's url automatically now
  • Bug fix - in some cases website language was resetting to English

        23 JANUARY 2018

  • Updated translations
  • Icon Widget - ability to add link to the icon
  • Enhancements in the sub-menu on mobile screens
  • Gallery Widget - fixed wrong image order when editing the widget
  • Color picker - fixed error when typing hex color values

        22 JANUARY 2018

  • Code Editor - warn for unsaved changes
  • Minor bug fixes

        20 JANUARY 2018

  • Store bug fixes when sorting by SKU

        18 JANUARY 2018

  • Form bug fixes

        17 JANUARY 2018

  • Added ability to change system domain (from Settings -> Domain)
  • Bug fix: "Page not found" in the builder when the store front is set as homepage
  • Website settings UI enhancements
  • Improved Custom Code section

        15 JANUARY 2018

  • Swedish language available for client sites and as system language
  • Romanian, Portuguese(BR) and Portuguese(PT) languages available for client sites


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